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First of all, let me say welcome to my website and I do hope that you enjoy the content as much as I've enjoyed, and am still enjoying, putting it together. The website is about the ongoing restoration of my 1972 Volkswagen Camper Van. It also about my collection of motorbikes and to conclude, there is a section relating to the everyday fun and games I go through keeping all my vehicles on the road.


Straight into introductions then. My name is Frank and I work as an automotive engineer. I live in Pulheim in Germany but am originally from England.

I have one big ambition. I would like to travel around the world in the Camper Van. The plan is that in the year 2022 or so when the kiddies are grown up but I'm still young enough (ahem), I will embark on this adventure. Giving myself such a target date for completion does put some pressure on me to get going, but I'm sure I'll manage.


Right, so let's turn to the website.


It is best to think of The Camper Van Chronicles as three distinct websites: the van; the bikes; the garage. However, I have tried to make it all nice and easy to navigate around using my special logos.



The Camper Van Chronicles will chart the rebuild of my camper van. Currently, I've more or less stripped the van and started removing various rusty bits but until I start actually welding in new metal, I'm afraid that this site is all a bit of a let down. Therefore, I've written a history of Camper Vans for your entertainment which will suffice until I have something proper to write about.



The Greasy Old Motorbikes website is all about my collection of bikes and dreams of rebuilding them. In the last few years, I seem to have done a little more collecting than rebuilding, but overall progress is in the forward direction. The oldest bike in here is my 1959 Triumph 21 and the newest my 1994 Triumph 900, with Hondas, Kawasakis, a BMW and a BSA Bantam also making an appearance. It would be deceptive, well misleading, well disingenuous, well completely untrue to suggest that all of the bikes are roadworthy and that none of them are spending their days dismantled and in various boxes, so I won't.




The garage diaries will show you that whilst most people have some sort of social life, I spend my spare time in the garage wondering why I don't take my mum's advice and just go out and buy a nice little car. As a sort of therapy and to remind mankind of the utter, utter futility of trying to pretend that old bikes were built to withstand modern day motoring, I decided to start writing about my garage adventures. And these tales are so incredibly tedious that the spell checker on my computer deleted itself when I tried to use it on the bit about servicing the BMW R90S. To check to see if you really should be looking at a site dedicated to spanner twirling, you had better do this questionnaire first, just to be on the safe side.




Every year some motorcycling friends and I get together and spend a weekend acting like teenagers again, by sleeping in draughty tents and drinking tea with grass in it. And, because you weren't invited, I have gone to the trouble of putting the Lads Bikey Weekend show together, so you can see what you have been missing.



This is the links page.



Although this is my website and in theory I can jolly well put in it anything I feel like, it really is about various old vehicles and my efforts to keep them running. Nothing more than that. I will achieve this without resorting to bad language or, how should I put this, photographs of the type usually seen in custom motorcycle magazines, so you can have a look around in confidence.

However, I can't vouch for the sites I have created links to. Not that I've deliberately created links to "inappropriate" sites, only that I don't review every page of a linked website.

It is only common courtesy that should you actually find any text or photos on this site that you wish to copy that you ask me first. I'm unlikely to say no to a request to use a photo of a rusty B-pillar, but it is nice to be asked. All photos/drawings/text on the site done by me unless otherwise stated.

The other thing is, there is likely to be a lot of blathering from me about how I did this or did that. However, what I write is for entertainment only and not a guide on how to do things. I'm not a trained mechanic and still manage to rebuild engines only to find I've forgotten to fit some critical component like an oil pump. So please use a little common sense out there and do not treat this site as a definitive guide to how to repair old Hondas or whatever.


If you wish to contact me, please write by clicking here.


To assist with navigation, you will find the site map here.


Happy surfing.


In case you are interested, this website was created using Microsoft Front Page. The pixel drawings have been done using Microsoft Paint. Most photos were taken using an Olympus 3.3MPixel camera (did you know Olympus used to build motorbikes in the fifties and early sixties?) until January 2011, when it broke and I changed to a Casio EX-Z33 with 10.1MPixels All the photos have been adjusted for size and cropped using XnView. Anything that has been scanned in (old photos, drawings) have been done using my Epson scanner/printer/copier. The site is hosted by Webhost Germany and I update using Filezilla. Because I am a complete computer numpty, I need to thank Albert and Steve for patiently guiding me through the entire website setting up process.